Snack Pack

Convenient Pantry Box with 1oz Snack Packs of Baja Flavor!

Box of ten (10) 1oz bags


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One pack of Baja Jerky is NEVER enough, which is why we’ve created these snack packs that come with 10 bags of jerky! Your pantry needs one of our snack packs…

Not only does it come with way more bags of jerky, but our snack pack is also a fantastic way to conveniently access your favorite snack. The organization is built in, as all ten packets come in a nifty Baja Jerky-themed box that keeps everything in line, so there won’t be any loose packets getting lost in the back of your pantry. And the top of the box is removable to allow for easy entry. Slip your hand right in and you’re ready to go!

We understand that your jerky bags must disappear super quick – especially if you share your pantry with additional people. And as much as we appreciate it, we don’t want any more sibling fights or parent/child tug-of-wars over our delicious jerky. As the old saying goes, “sharing is caring,” and there is plenty of jerky to go around with our snack packs.

Another bonus of our snack packs is that they’re way more efficient! No more walks of shame to your local convenience store when you run out of Baja Jerky… Instead, you’ll be fully stocked up for your next adventure. With a trusty snack pack brightening up your pantry, you’ll be able to focus on your next epic outing rather than worrying about your next trip to the grocery store. We totally get that the unordinary things in life are way more exciting than doing chores or running errands, so for that, we’ve got you covered.

Our snack pack of ten 1oz bags is absolutely perfect for any of your – or your family’s – upcoming adventures. An ideal size to supplement a lunch, these 1oz packs will fit comfortably in any box, bag or backpack. They can even fit right into your pocket for a pre-workout or post-meeting snack. Heck, I bet they could even fit in your wetsuit or your helmet or your snowboard boot or your purse or your… let’s stop there before we get carried away! The bottom line is our adorable 1oz-ers come in handy no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Regardless of your reason for buying a snack pack, they have various other perks that you’ll surely benefit from. Whether they help to keep your pantry colorful and organized, or they alleviate fighting over that last bag of jerky, our snack packs are a total win!

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