The Muscle of Baja Jerky

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Baja Jerky is hyped to welcome The Muscle to our growing team of athletes and industry leaders! We are definitely stronger now that The Muscle is on our side... pun intended!

The Muscle’s nickname explains itself... you’ve never seen someone this jacked! Not only is The Muscle a huge fitness buff, but he’s also involved in a variety of business ventures - he’s on TV, he’s been a personal trainer to thousands of people, and he’s an industry leader in various health initiatives. Across the diverse industries that make up his portfolio, The Muscle inspires people to work hard and work smart.

Everything he does is for his two beautiful daughters. Their presence has turned The Muscle’s life upside down and has turned this hard-bodied man into a total softy! The Muscle is wholly dedicated to his family and works extremely hard to provide them with a life he never had.

A Utah native, The Muscle says his greatest loves are "football, diesel trucks, God, family, and this great country." His love for diesel trucks was sparked the moment he first rode in one and has been growing ever since. His role on the Diesel Brothers show on the Discovery Channel is that of a master at finding rare parts, which he then works closely with the brothers to create gems out of.

With a name like “The Muscle”, you’ve got to be in A+ shape and follow a strict regime. The Muscle trains people everyday to help them reach their fitness goals, and he even started a supplement brand to help his followers called 1Mission Nutrition.

The Muscle’s dedication to and achievement within the health industry is just one of many reasons we’re so excited to have him on board. Baja Jerky holds our products to the highest standards... our jerky is all natural, minimally processed, gluten free, nitrate free and has zero sugar. Baja Jerky doesn’t have any junk in it, but it does have plenty of protein in every bite to keep even The Muscle fed and happy.

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