Reef McIntosh Wins Wave of the Decade

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That's right! Baja Jerky's very own Reef McIntosh has won 4ocean's first ever Wave of the Decade.

To commemorate 4ocean's tenth year doing this award showcase (powered by Surfline), they decided to honor a very special surfer with the first Wave of the Decade Award ever. They looked back on all the past winners of their most famous award, Wave of the Winter, to see who would measure up to this very special accolade.

Starting from 2010 until this year, no surfer has been able to live up to Reef's incredible skill. His Wave of the Winter in 2011 stood strong for the next nine years to come, not faltering at all, no matter how amazing the following seasons were.

“That was like a unicorn that you see from the beach,” Reef recalled of the major wave that would bring him glory. During his acknowledgments, he laughed that his liquid courage that day helped him take the risk that paid off for years to come. We don't blame him! If we had to face 20+ ft. swells, we would need a couple beers too!!

A surfer for most of his life, Reef McIntosh is super well-known in the surfing world. He's made history countless times and represents a plethora of brands, including your very own Baja Jerky. If he's not mentoring the blossoming surfers at the Quiksilver house in Hawaii, you can probably find him putting everyone to shame out in Malibu's waters. He is both a legend and a leader!

Our team at Baja Jerky is SO impressed with Reef's accomplishments and we're so happy that he's part of our Baja Jerky family! Congratulations, Reef!