Cory Stauder, New Director of Sales!

Cory Stauder

We’d like to formally welcome Cory Stauder, our new Director of Sales, to the Baja Jerky fam. Cory comes to us with an impressive 22 years of sales leadership and expertise growing CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands. His career has taken him across a variety of subcategories in the food and beverage industry, such as grocery, healthy snacks and, most notably, beer.

Cory’s first job in high school sparked an early interest in the dynamics of the grocery industry and ultimately his expansive career. As a college graduate, he was recruited for his first full-time role at General Mills, which honed his love for sales and the soul-shaking thrill he got with each successful partnership he created. After notable, award-winning success at General Mills, Cory quickly got recruited by Coors Brewing Company, where he worked for over 13 years (I mean, who could say no to beer?!). Cory’s most recent gig was at Seapoint Farms, a natural/organic snacks brand. He credits the internal and external training programs incorporated into his years of employment at both General Mills and Coors Brewing Company for his continued growth. Cory quickly recognized the values and vision of Baja Jerky aligned with his own, which created a recognition of the massive growth potential he intends to pursue within our team. His accomplishments and experiences could probably fill a novel, but the story is not yet complete!

Cory’s deep-rooted background in CPG brands has trained Cory to look for products that are innovative and new… part of the reason he was first attracted to Baja Jerky. The palm trees and iconic cow in sunglasses that make up Baja Jerky’s mystique was just too good to pass up.

Cory also stated that his experience with Seapoint Farms has prepared him to take Baja Jerky’s alluring natural characteristics to the next level. He believes that “better-for-you” snacks are the way to go, and quite frankly, the future for ingredient-savvy buyers. Things like having lower salt and sugar content… everyone knows we should be doing it, but some snack categories fail to deliver. And Baja Jerky clearly fills that void. For Baja Jerky – a leader in the healthy protein snack space – “It’s just the beginning”.

On a more personal level, Cory was born in the Detroit area, but he moved to California at a very early age and hasn’t left since. Currently located in Huntington Beach, Cory’s bike rides along the beach and his love of sand & surf prove that he’s a California native at heart. He also enjoys running – mainly to allow him to indulge in all the delicious food and beer he loves!

We’re absolutely stoked to have Cory join the Baja Jerky fam – welcome, Cory!

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