Here at Baja Jerky, things change super quickly! We always have a ton of stuff going on at once – whether it’s a local surf event, an off-road race down in Mexico, or brainstorming our next delicious flavor. Whatever it may be, we love to keep our fans in the loop.

Our Instagram covers quite a bit of the craziness that is Baja Jerky, but here – on our News & Events page – we’ll get into the weeds of what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s certainly a lot more to the beef jerky world that meets the eye!

It’s been quite a ride since we began as a start-up in the summer of 2019. But our growth came swiftly, and we haven’t looked back! And as our reach broadens, so does our notoriety. We’ve been featured in multiple publications such as Good Housekeeping and Meat+Poultry. No surprise here, but people are fascinated by our funky flavors and bright colors. Apparently, everyone in the beef jerky industry is stuck on delivering traditional flavored jerky in pretty drab packaging. But our bold bags with our iconic cow front & center has more than shaken up the beef jerky world, and people are definitely taking notice.

It’s one thing to capture someone’s attention with colorful bags, but if the jerky doesn’t taste good – what’s the point? In our case, our bold packing is the hook, and our delicious jerky and fantastic flavors are the line and sinker. That’s how we’ve grown both our fanbase and our team. In this News & Events category, we’ll also be introducing you to the newest members of our team. For us, family is everything, and we value our team members as just that.

Speaking of team members, our Baja Jerky fam goes beyond our corporate and manufacturing staff. We’ve also had the pleasure of partnering up with various local and international athletes. You can find more about them on our Athletes page, but we’ll also be writing up some specific events in this category. We’ve got a stellar team, so keep an eye out for blogs about their incredible accomplishments!

Lastly, but more certainly not least, we will also be keeping you up to date with our latest community engagements. As we’ve said before, and will continue to say – we couldn’t have made it this far without the amazing support of our community. That being said, we try to do everything we can to give back. Our main mission is to make people smile through our product, so however we can make that happen, we will!

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larry roeseler

Baja Jerky Racing Team To Attempt Soloing the Baja 1000

Larry Roeseler of the Baja Jerky Racing Team Goes For A Record-Breaking 15th Win At The 2021 Baja 1000  Baja Jerky Racing Team goes for …

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Host your next football watch party with these winning recipes

Summer is behind us and that means that we get to settle into the best season of the year—football season! Many folks are foregoing the …

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The 5 Best Fall Hikes in California With Baja Jerky

Gearing up for fall means it’s time to pull out the hiking boots and dust off the backpack because the air is cooling, and the …

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Honoring the Land of Adventure: Baja California

Celebrating the vibrant culture of Baja California is the inspiration behind everything we do here at Baja Jerky. Creating a high protein, low sugar, low …

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for the love of baja, honoring hispanic heritage month

For the Love of Baja: Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with Baja Jerky

Everything we do at Baja Jerky was born out of a love for Baja California, Mexico. Every year, we sponsor athletes such as Señor Baja …

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baja beer

Our top Fall picks for the best beer & jerky pairings

Fall is upon us, and around here that means we get to move it indoors and cozy up with two of our favorite things—perfectly prepared …

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the best grilled meats

3 proven methods to create the best grilled meats using Baja Seasonings!

BBQ season is still going strong, and that means we need to put down the boring old hamburger and bust out the big guns! Baja …

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Baja Jerky to increase expansion and visibility in the meat snack market

Baja Jerky to increase expansion and visibility in the meat snack market Leading lifestyle snack brand teams up with four major distributors, KeHE, UNFI, Eby-Brown …

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forbes, best healthy snacks

20 Of The Best Healthy Snacks On Amazon That Actually Taste Good.

If you love a salty, meaty snack, Baja Beef offers gluten-free, low calories and low carb options that are high in protein. Read Article

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Street Taco seasonings Baja Seasonings for plancha

How to Make the Best Summer Meals and Snacks with Baja Seasonings!

Summer is in full swing, and that means plenty of meats on the grill, beverages over ice, and snacks to be shared. While we can’t …

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Baja Jerky Racing Team Wins at Score International Baja 500

Baja Jerky #43 Earns Its First Baja 500 Win With Larry Roeseler Brawley, CA (June 16, 2021) – Baja Jerky Racing Team powered by Cantina …

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Introducing… Crackin’ Pepper

We’ve added to the amazing roster of flavors at Baja Jerky! And this one is extra special because it’s ZERO SUGAR.

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Introducing… Street Taco

Straight off the tortilla press… please join us in welcoming Street Taco to our Baja Jerky flavor profile!

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Brandon Rodgers

Welcome, Brandon!

We are super stoked to welcome a professional, multiple-Michelin-star-awarded chef to the Baja Jerky lineup!

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Churro Beef Jerky

Churro Jerky, Seriously?!

A ride on the merry-go-round, a snack at your favorite festival, dessert at your go-to restaurant – a churro can be so many things.

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Reinventing Craft Jerky

After doing some inner soul-searching, we’ve come to the realization that what we’re doing here at Baja Jerky is special.

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We’ve got the Lowest Sodium Levels on the Market

We scoured the internet to look for the lowest sodium levels in beef jerky… and it turns out—we’re it!

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Baja Jerky Wins the Convenience Buyer’s Choice Awards!

The Convenience Program, held by the ECRM on January 25-28th of this year, elected Baja Jerky’s Salsa Fresca flavor as a finalist!

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King of the Hammers 2021

The King of the Hammers, held each year in Johnson Valley, CA, is an off-road race that mixes desert terrain with rock crawling.

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Los Cabos Bisbee’s Fishing 2020

Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournaments have been a staple on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for over 30 years and have grown & developed with each passing year.

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The BAJA 1000

Considered the most dangerous race in North America, the BAJA 1000 is back for trouble this weekend.

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Larry Roeseler

Baja Jerky Welcomes “Mr. Baja” to the Team!

We’d like to formally welcome Larry Roeseler – a legend, family man and “Mr. Baja” – to the roster of incredible athletes supporting Baja Jerky!

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RJ Anderson

RJ Anderson Joins the Baja Jerky Fam

Baja Jerky would like to welcome RJ Anderson to our awesome band of athletes!

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Parker Olenick

Helping Adaptive Athletes – Spotlight on Parker Olenick

Parker Olenick, a 16-year-old from San Diego, is the perfect example of why finding your people can have such a significant impact.

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Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market is a well-known treasure trove of items from around the world.

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Reef McIntosh

Reef McIntosh Wins Wave of the Decade

Baja Jerky’s very own Reef McIntosh has won 4ocean’s first ever Wave of the Decade.

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We’re In Good Housekeeping!

Out of thousands of jerky brands, Baja Jerky was ranked in the top three according to Good Housekeeping’s strict standards!

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