At Baja Jerky, it’s truly a family mentality, and we’re inviting you to be a part of ours! We couldn’t have made it this far without you, so we’ve put a lot of work into making your shopping experience as seamless as possible. By joining Club Baja, you can subscribe to your favorite flavors, design a personal subscription schedule, and save up to 10% on each delivery – it’s a total win!

Our jerky is so good that it’ll keep you coming back for more… again and again and again. That’s why setting up a recurring order comes in handy, and that’s just one of the perks of joining Club Baja. By setting up a subscription-type of order, you skip the step of having to log back in and fill up your cart once again – your jerky will just come whenever you schedule it to. It’s majorly convenient, and you’ll never have to face the dreaded Baja Jerky shortage.

We understand that life can get pretty crazy sometimes, which is why we try to do the work for you. That way, you can sit back and relax while your jerky business is handled for you. That’s our M.O. – our brand is all about living life to its fullest, and sometimes making sure your groceries are in order feels like a pesky chore.

But by joining Club Baja, it’ll be like your jerky just magically appears in your pantry!

Everything is set to your schedule, too. So if you go out of town one weekend, you can skip or pause your order. You can also add, change, remove or make any other modifications whenever you please. Club Baja is here to best suit your needs!!

Oh, and did we mention that by joining Club Baja, you’ll also get 10% each order? As if a personalized delivery schedule wasn’t enough, add some money back on each order and you’ve got the golden ticket! And on top of that, shipping is free to anyone in the United States. Again, we owe so much of our success to you – our loyal fanbase – and this is just a small token of our appreciation.

Whether it’s free shipping, a personalized subscription schedule or 10% of every order, there’s a ton of perks to joining Club Baja. Our brand has only come to be so strong, thanks to our solid team and our dedicated supporters, and we’re stoked to see where you take us!

Love Baja Jerky?


Select RECURRING order at checkout and get these amazing benefits!

10% off

Save up to 10%
On Each Delivery

Free Shipping
Anywhere in the US


Manage Your Own
Delivery Schedule


Pause, Swap,
Cancel Anytime

Spend $29 or more and select the recurring cart option at check out. Once in check out, you will be able to choose how often you would like your jerky to be delivered.
Subscriptions are flexible and no-strings attached. You are able to modify or cancel your subscription at any time by accessing the manage subscriptions page. There is no penalty for making changes or cancelling your subscription, nor any required subscription length before we allow you to modify your subscription order: you have all options available to you from the start. Please allow some time for your changes to be processed, as shipments already in progress might not be changed.
For short-term gaps in your subscription, you can “skip” your next order in the manage subscriptions page. Please confirm the date of your next upcoming order to ensure it ships at the intended time. For more flexibility, you can also “pause” your subscription for any reason. You can then manually “unpause” your subscription when you are ready to continue your subscription, or set an end date for the pause for your subscription to automatically resume at that time.
You can add, change, remove and make other modifications to your subscription contents under the manage subscription page. These modifications will take effect on your next shipment.
Yes. You can have multiple subscriptions active at one time. Please check your subscriptions page to organize and manage your subscriptions and ensure they are customized to your liking.
If there are changes to any items within your subscription, we will notify you and provide the opportunity to modify your order accordingly. If you decide not to update your subscription, it will automatically remove any discontinued items and charge the most current price for your items.
Your subscription will be shipped soon after you confirm your subscription’s order details. The date of delivery will depend on the type of shipping you choose for your order. Note that you can modify the contents of your subscription if you would like to have more or different items all be delivered in the same box. If you want to have an additional set of items be shipped separately, you can make a separate subscription for those items.
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