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    Baja Seasonings – Chile Limon

    Add Vibrance To Your Keto Snacks!

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  • Recommended

    Baja Seasonings – Street Taco

    Not Your Ordinary Taco Seasoning!

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  • Traditional Beef Jerky Snack PackChurro Snack Pack
    Baja Jerky

    Snack Pack

    Convenient Pantry Box of 10 - 1oz Snack Packs of any Baja Flavor!

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  • Keto Beef Jerky 4-PackCrackin Pepper Jerky from Baja Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Keto Friendly 4-Pack

    Crackin' Pepper & Street Taco

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  • Baja Jerky

    Variety 2.5oz 6-Pack

    A Flavor for Any Adventure

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  • Baja Jerky

    Variety 1oz 8-Pack

    A Flavor for Any Adventure

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  • Baja Jerky Churro Beef JerkyBaja Jerky Churro Beef Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Churro

    Sweet, Cinnamon, with a Sugar Sprinkle!

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  • Crackin Pepper Jerky from Baja JerkyCrackin Pepper Jerky from Baja Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Crackin’ Pepper

    Bold, Bright, Bangin'

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  • Lime & Serrano Pepper Beef JerkyLime & Serrano Pepper Beef Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Lime & Serrano Pepper

    Light, Tangy, Heat with a Zest!

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  • Baja Jerky Salsa Fresca Beef JerkyBaja Jerky Salsa Fresca Beef Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Salsa Fresca

    Fresh, Vibrant, Cool!

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  • Baja Jerky Street Taco jerkyBaja Jerky Street Taco Pouch Back
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Street Taco

    Fresh, Balanced, Sizzlin’

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  • Sweet Orange Beef Jerky Baja JerkySweet Orange Beef Jerky Baja Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Sweet Orange

    Sweet, Citrus, Tender with a Yum!

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  • Traditional Beef Jerky from Baja JerkyTraditional Beef Jerky from Baja Jerky
    Baja Jerky

    Baja Jerky – Traditional

    Natural, Smoky, Smooth with a Smile!

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Flavor That Excites,
Nutrition That Fuels

At Baja Jerky, we are passionate about life. We love to explore together, go on daring adventures, and make the most of every day. We needed a snack that could keep up, and so, Baja Jerky was crafted. Our jerky is bold in flavor, perfectly tender in texture, and is minimally processed—without nitrates, nitrites, gluten, preservatives, or MSG. We also don’t load our protein with sugar, unlike many other meat snacks you see.

Whether you’re chasing your next adventure, riding a giant wave, or chasing your kid, we’ve got the most flavorful snack that can keep up and will keep you coming back. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes—come explore with Baja Jerky!

Don't click on a Cow, you may want to live the Baja Life!
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Brandon Rodgers

Welcome, Brandon!

We are super stoked to welcome a professional, multiple-Michelin-star-awarded chef to the Baja Jerky lineup!

Churro Beef Jerky

Churro Jerky, Seriously?!

A ride on the merry-go-round, a snack at your favorite festival, dessert at your go-to restaurant – a churro can be so many things.


Reinventing Craft Jerky

After doing some inner soul-searching, we’ve come to the realization that what we’re doing here at Baja Jerky is special.


King of the Hammers 2021

The King of the Hammers, held each year in Johnson Valley, CA, is an off-road race that mixes desert terrain with rock crawling.

Los Cabos Bisbee’s Fishing 2020

Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournaments have been a staple on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for over 30 years and have grown & developed with each passing year.

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